I’m Back!

I’ve just returned from a meditation retreat. I had an incredible journey away to deepen my meditation practice and fill up my cup. I am thrilled to share this energy with you!

This weekend is filled with vibrant energy in the realms of Mercury, featuring the alignment of three planets (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) in the Vedic sign of Gemini

Plus, the Moon’s transit in the Vedic sign of Virgo, alongside the past life karma planet, Ketu, adds depth to the cosmic tapestry.

This period is highly conducive for:

Engaging in Dynamic Communication
Allowing the Mind to Expand
Embracing a Playful Spirit

Both Gemini and Virgo are governed by the planet Mercury, who is currently at its peak speed. 

This alignment creates an opportune time for utilizing the mind to accomplish tasks efficiently.

The use of the hands, mudras, mantras, and playful movements are particularly highlighted during this period, providing a powerful means for spiritual growth and self-expression.

Mercury rules the use of the hands, which makes it a wonderful time for playing the drums.

Benefits include:
Enhances Brain Function & Coherence 
Reduces Stress Hormones
Elevates Endorphins
Improves Immune Response

Our drum circles are for all levels of experience, so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned drummer, you’re welcome to join

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