Happy Summer Solstice

The Light of Your Soul

Summer Solstice arrives at 3:50 pm Central Time on Thursday, June 20th.

The Sun in astrology is related to the Soul. Summer Solstice is the day when the Sun’s energy is at its peak, and it creates a powerful time for meditation.

This is coupled with the Full Moon on June 21st in the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius. 

When we meditate during the Summer Solstice + Full Moon energy, we have more opportunities to tune into the energy and light of our Soul. When we tune into the light of our Soul, we can find the answer to one of life’s biggest questions:

What is my purpose?

Discovering your purpose (dharma) in this life can be one of the most rewarding revelations, and here are some practical inquires to help you figure it out.

1. What do you naturally enjoy doing?

Look at your life (past & current) and take inventory of the enjoyable things that you gravitate towards regularly. Generally, these are activities, hobbies, and pastimes that you feel inspired to do, AND just as importantly, you have a natural ability for the activity.

2. Which activities make you lose track of time?

Now, we start to narrow it down. Look at your list and make a note of the activities that make you lose track of time while participating in them.

3. When do you lose a sense of your finite self?

Here is where we find our passions. These activities go beyond status and ego. These are the things that bring you so much satisfaction that you’d still do it regardless of opposition from friends, family, and society.

Finding Your Purpose

Once you have gone through the first 3 inquiries and narrowed down your options, there are 3 final questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I feel responsible (to myself) for doing this particular thing in the world?
2. Do I believe that it should be done in my personally unique way?
3. Do I feel that this must be done even though no one is pressuring me?

When you answer yes to all three of these questions, you have found your purpose!

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