Evolve into Productivity



Evolve into Productivity

On-Demand Video Course

Learn how to use the moon phases to be more productive in your life.

Have you ever wondered how to be more efficient and effective in your life? The moon phases offer key insights for your productivity and this course will teach you how to use them.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why the Moon is a Useful Tool
  • The Energy of a New Moon
  • What to do during a Waxing Moon
  • The Power of the Full Moon
  • How to utilize a Waning Moon

Who's this course for?

This course is designed for individuals who desire to lead more effective and efficient lives. It is helpful for those who notice energetic shifts throughout the month and are interested in honoring these cycles of time. Anyone who has interest in astrology will benefit from this course, however, this course was created for all levels of astrological knowledge.

More about the course:

This is a 25 minute course divided into 7 easy-to-understand videos. You'll receive 2 worksheets to support your understanding of the material. The on-demand course can be watched on your schedule, and you'll receive lifetime access to view the videos as many times as you wish.

Evolve into Productivity: Course Fees

$59 for Lifetime Access

There are no refunds on this course.