Morning & Evening Meditations



Morning & Evening Meditations

Downloadable & On-Demand

Two short meditations to support you in creating the best expression of yourself.

The Morning & Evening Meditations are a powerful way to become self-aware and implement the changes you'd like to create in yourself.

The Morning Meditation sets the tone for your day by reviewing the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions you will avoid and those that you will embrace.

The Evening Meditation allows you to review your day, self-correct where needed, and set the tone for the next day.

Through self-assessment, intention, and compassion, you will embody a new state and enhance your life.

Morning Meditation Length: 6:08 minutes

Music: Love Meditation (I Want to Be in Peace) by Ashot Danielyan

Evening Meditation Length: 8:10 minutes

Music: A Meditation (Flying in the Dream) by Ashot Danielyan